The feature-length documentary, Dreams Deferred: The Struggle for Peace and Justice in Israel and Palestine, won “Best Feature Documentary” at the 2012 DIY Film Festival, and it has also been screened at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Long Island Film Festival.

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On the documentary page you can also view or download the feature-length documentary and other video files for later viewing, showing, or sharing.  We encourage people to pass it along and show it free of charge to religious, civic, educational, or other organizations and institutions.  If your organization or class is near the Washington D.C. area, the filmmakers may be able to come and speak at a showing.  For engagements farther away, we can do a Q & A through Skype or attend with a travel reimbursement.  See the page for educators and activists for more information and suggested activities and lessons to accompany the film.

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For an introduction to the conflict and news and articles about the occupation and many of the complex issues involved, see the following links and visit the FAQ page:


A primer on the history of the conflict:

On the history and implications of the conflicting Israeli and Palestinian narratives by Gush Shalom:

On re-framing the conflict against the myths of conventional wisdom:

Article that examines the role of fear in motivating Israel’s military actions and policies:


Some thoughts on why the 2014 Kerry peace talks failed:

Omar Barghouti on why Israel fears the BDS movement:

Review of some recent books on the conflict that also includes discussion about why the two-state solution seems more and more unlikely at this point:

On the concept of Israel’s “right to exist”:

Op-ed by Yousef Munayyer about the 2012 Gaza conflict cease fire:

Op-ed about why the US and international community should impose a peace plan on the region:

Op-ed by Yossi Beilin on why the US should support Palestinian statehood at the UN:

Article about Israel's announcement of new settlement construction after the end of the Nov. 2012 Gaza conflict:

Op-ed about the dying prospects for a two-state solution now that Israel has said they will develop E1 in the wake of the 2012 Gaza conflict:

Op-ed by Moustafa Barghouti of the Palestinian National Initiative about nonviolent protest:

Op-ed from the Washington Post about aid to Israel:

Would we have seen a piece like this by Kristof in the New York Times a few years ago?

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s op-ed on the UN bid and prospects for a two-state solution:

Zvi Bar’el of Haaretz on why the US should recognize a Palestinian state at the UN:

Nicholas Kristof writes about the lack of balance in the US view of the conflict:

Mahmoud Abbas’ Op-Ed in the New York Times about the Palestinian goal of UN recognition in September:

Uri Avnery writes in Ma’an about the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal and what it means for peace:

Jewish Voice for Peace activists interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to the Jewish General Assembly gathering in New Orleans:


New York Times columnist and Israel supporter, Thomas Friedman, published an op-ed in which he referred to Israel as a “spoiled child”; he has been criticized by many right-wing Israel supporters over his recent statements:

Op-Ed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Stephen Solarz about how the U.S. can help advance the peace process:

On the legality of Israel’s raid on the flotilla in 2009:

Stephen Colbert discusses the flotilla raid and interviews Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart report on the Gaza War:

Palestinian Moustafa Barghouti and American Jewish activist Anna Baltzer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Bill Moyer’s PBS interview with Judge Goldstone regarding the “Goldstone Report” from the UN Human Rights Council fact-finding investigation about Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza:

Charlie Rose interviews Khaled Meshaal from Hamas: